The word Reiki refers to the universal life force energy that flows through all living things. Stresses of everyday life create blockages and imbalances in the chakras, the energy centers of the luminous body.

Reiki reaches all levels of existence and strives to open and bring these differing levels into a state of balance. As a natural, non-invasive, yet powerful method of healing that is transmitted by gentle touch, Reiki energy is transmitted to align the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Reiki is a totally safe method and can be experienced as an increased sense of oneness and harmony

Reiki healing assists one in moving toward a higher level of health and is being practiced at many hospitals throughout the world.

Some of its many benefits include:  

  • Reducing pain
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Promoting relaxation
  • Assisting the body in eliminating toxins
  • Balancing energy flow throughout the body
  • Improving circulation
  • Enhancing restful sleep
  • Promoting general health and well-being
  • Accelerating normal healing processes
  • Reduces side-effects of pharmaceuticals, chemotherapy and radiation
  • Musculo-skeletal injury and pain, as well as chronic ailments.

Follow-up sessions sustain and assure maintenance of increased energy levels. Three sessions are recommended, 1 per week.

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