Couples Workshop

 Massage Couples Workshop & Reflexology Couples Workshop


Massage Couple Private one-on-one Class

Some things are better when shared with a partner!

Learn with your partner techniques to give and receive pain relieving tension to unwind the knots and relieve discomfort and tension!

This class will teach partners to administer certain massage strokes to a set group of muscles to relieve common concerns within stressed neck and shoulders, back aches and tired feet.

Not only will this class teach techniques for relaxing tension and relieving tight knots but you also find this brings you closer together as a couple.

This class is provided in private with you, your partner and LMT (licensed massage therapist) instructor in a treatment room with a relaxed calm environment for 2 hours

$200 Regular Price



Reflexology Couple Class

A treatment that offers both physical and emotional well-being is a great way to show your love. By sharing regular reflexology treatments, you and your partner will connect and come closer together as a couple. You will learn to exchange a simple reflexology routine that will bring you into balance and keep your relationship connected. 2 hour class




Located on the Brick Walk in downtown Fairfield, CT

1275 Post Road, Suite A5, Fairifield, CT 06824


available 7 days a week by appointment